Beta Reports
Current: 3.3
3.3 - 16th Oct 2017 12:00:00 am
Main Features:
  • Absolute time on mobile
  • Post titles
  • Other bug fixes
  • You can now click on ago time on posts ect.... and it will change to absolute time until it's clicked again. For messages, just tap the message other than on an image if applicable.
  • You can now add a title to texts posts, other post types are on the way.

3.2 - 26th Jul 2017 12:00:00 am
Main Features:
  • Forums
  • Fandoms and Groups
  • 'View More' on comments
  • Swear and chosen word censoring
  • Image Messaging
  • General Fixes
  • Forums
    • You can now set up a forum about anything you like.
    • You can also link to forums in the selection of new post types.
    • Fandoms and Groups also have forum lists, forums can be added or requested to be added depending on the fandom or groups's settings.
  • Fandoms and Groups
    • Fandoms now have admins and settings that admins can edit.
    • Fandoms and Groups now have forum lists.
    • A Fandom or Group's points and forums list can be submitted to by users (dependent on the fandom or groups settings
  • 'View More' on comment
    • Finalised the 'view more' feature on comments so only a few comments now show on pages with multiple posts. Full comment leads only show on a post's link page. (Access by clicking the link or link/comment icon in the icon bar on a post)
  • Swear and chosen word censoring
    • Implemented as a Beta
    • Please test this feature out and let us know what you think through beta reporting
  • General
    • Removed home icon from menu bar. Click the MistoJam logo to access your homepage

2.1 - 15th May 2017 12:00:00 am
Main Features:
  • Lots of stuff
From the signup process to searching, lots has been updated and fixed in this update
  • Updated Policies
  • Added features to like, reblog, fav, follow and join as blog or page (check your act as settings to enable in process choice by selecting ask me for each action)
  • Fixed search and added time sorting
  • Added last seen to blogs and pages (enable or disable in page and blog settings
  • Added 'since the beginning of time' check box on points, fandoms and blogs
  • Updated points page
    • Fixed and updated point wall
  • Added password hashing

1.1 - 1st May 2017 12:00:00 am
Main Features:
  • Version numbers
  • Changes to About Page
  • Fixed Messages
  • General Fixes
  • Versions
    • Page to view versions
  • About Page
    • Changed Blogs and Pages to Users
    • Added Beta and Donate links
  • General Fixes
    • Added move back to the right post when you reblog, comment, like, fav ect...
    • Changed some links to capitals for first letter of words
    • Fixed some errors on fandoms and blogs pages
    • Messaging
      • Minor changes to layout, text and icon colours
      • Chat Still not working
    • Various bug fixes

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