Beta Reports
If you have any queries or problems with MistoJam, please contact and administrator by emailing or messaging the staff blog. You can also submit a beta report.
If you have a request, please use the requests page.
You can also take a brief or full tour.
If you want to report an incident, user, post etc... you can find help on the report page
Most actions (listed below) on MistoJam can either be performed by your blog or your page. Which it is is determined by your 'Act as' settings where for each action you can choose either your blog, your page or ask me. If you choose your blog or page, you'll have one of icon for the action and the action will be performed as pre-chosen from your 'Act as' settings. If you choose ask me, the action will have two icons, one for your blog and one for your page and you can choose which to perform the action with each time you perform the action. It should be noted that some actions have a choice from radio buttons rather than icons like sending messages, posting and commenting.
  Like Post
Add a like to the post, this gives 1 popularity to the post and either your blog or page is added to the post's notes as liking the post.
  Fav Post
Add a fav to the post, this gives 2 popularity to the post and either your blog or page is added to the post's notes as liking the post. The post is also added to either your page or blog favourites.
  Reblog Post
Add the post to your own blog or page, this gives 4 popularity to the post and either your blog or page is added to the post's notes as reblogged the post.
Adds a comment to the post (or request or comment) (with text of your choosing). If commenting on a post or comment, gives 3 pop to the post. Also either your blog or page is added to the post's notes as commented on the post.
Adds a post (with content of your choosing) to your blog or page. There are currently 12 types of post available and a few sub-types.
      Main Types
    • Text A basic post with text
    • Picture/s A post with 1 to 6 pictures uploaded from your device in a layout of your choosing
    • Link A link to something else on the internet and a description
    • Audio
      • Deezer Search for a song that's on deezer and your post will include the song in their web-player
      • Upload Upload a sound file from your device to make into a playable post
    • Video
      • Youtube Copy the URL of a YouTube video and your post will have the video embedded
      • Upload Upload a video file from your device
      Additional Post Types
    • Quote A quote with it's source
    • Request A post sharing a request
    • Forum A post sharing a forum
    • Poll Ask the users of MistoJam something
    • Conversation Show a conversation in a post
    • Tutorial Full instuctions on making or doing something
    • Recipe Full instructions on making something foody
Adds your page or blog to the list of followers for the blog. Also means you will see the blog's post in your stream.
  Joining a Fandom/Group
Adds your page or blog to the list of members for the fandom/group. In the future you'll also see some or all of the fandom/groups's posts in your stream as well as take part in the fandom/group's forums.
Sends a message to the selected blog or page from your blog or page
  Making a request
Makes a request that MistoJam staff will review, requests can get votes up or down from other pages and blogs and those that are most popular or that the staff like will be created, tested, voted on again and implemented if there's enough interest. The purpose for selecting your blog or page is so that credit can be given to one or the other if the request is implemented. See requests page for more details.
Other Actions
These actions do not give choice of blog or page either because it is not required (deleting posts and comments), because it can only be done by one of the two (adding friends) or because choosing is not yet available for that action.
  Delete Post
Delete the post from your own blog or page, This removed the post so it will not be seen on your blog or page and also deleted the associated notifications and noted but only for your incarnation of the post. It will not remove any reblogs of the post or their notes ect.. down stream. Deleting has no option for either blog or page but will find which the post came from and delete the post as that.
  Link Post
Show you the post's page. The URL can be copied and shared externally. This page also shows the full comments thread for the post. Notes can be viewed by clicking the notes count on the bottom left side of the post before the comments section. If you have your settings for where to show the comments box set to only show link, you'll also need to use link to comment, the icon show will be different also.
These are the main areas of MistoJam
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