MistoJam Brand
Our Colors
At MistoJam, we love colours so you'll find at least a few places where you can see rainbow, including on the point wall and the tab-in bars on comments.
We also believe in choosing your own colours so although our brand is purple, users have the option to change the majority of colours visible on the site via their settings.
Our Colour Palette
Dark Slate Blue
RGB 85, 35, 168
HSL 262, 65, 39
HEX #5523A8
Misto Purple
RGB 116, 66, 200
HSL 262, 54, 52
HEX #7442C8
Medium Purple
RGB 140, 105, 200
HSL 262, 46, 59
HEX 8C69C8
RGB 176, 148, 244
HSL 262, 55, 72
HEX #B094E0
RGB 199, 184, 224
HSL 262, 39, 80
RGB 224, 214, 241
HSL 262, 49, 89
Our Logos
We have two main versions of the MistoJam logo, a square reading 'MJ' and a rectangular reading 'MistoJam'. We also use an extra long version of the rectangular logo at the top of this page as well as the about page.
All versions of the logo are white text on a Misto Purple (RGB 116, 66, 200) background. The top-left and bottom-right corners are blended to slightly darker and lighter colours respectivly.
Our Fonts
We use Levenim MT
Levenim MT
Levenim MT
and Lucida Sans
Lucida Sans
Lucida Sans
thoughout MistoJam.
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